1. Kerry Grant (the asset manager for AARTI Investments which now owns our building) came into the store today to tell us that our lease is being reinstated, and we’re NOT being EVICTED!

    He specifically mentioned that they weren’t expecting such a fuss and were just looking to run a “nice place”. He also asked us to take the “IS BEING RENOVICTED” banner down… i wonder if our neighbor, Dan’s Homebrewing Supplies, would like to borrow it now?

    In any case, thank you for all your support! The online articles and outcry from the community has certainly helped, and the Spartacus collective deeply appreciates all the love we’ve been receiving since the bad news broke out.

    Gentrification continues in the DTES and people are still being displaced, but our resistance has (temporarily) stalled these developers from having their way! Keep fighting capitalism, and hope to see you at our upcoming 40th anniversary celebrations!

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